Sunday, February 28, 2016

BP and the Weighting Game.

Arrived back in Winnipeg, after days spent on the road - possibly. The snowfall was such that the entire surface of this particular corner of the globe means I could well have been driving across country. Temps plummeted to a very unseasonal -22c,  as a result the fuel I'd loaded in Revelstoke,BC was not yet adapted to handling these temps. Gelling occurring. For those not familiar with the term, this is when the water in the diesel fuel turns to ice crystals and blocks up the filter. Result? Engine suffers from premature exhaustion ( It stops!) Either that or there's a very expensive bang as the internal combustion engine becomes the external combustion engine and the fire service get all excited! So I chug into a truck-stop and buy a couple of gallons of fuel additive, fuel gelling for the prevention of. Tip half a gallon into each tank and resume with chugging until ice crystals realize that whats coming up the fuel line behind em means extermination! Things, including my Blood Pressure, settle down and I trudge off through the deepening gloom.
The following morning dawned, the snow snoweth and the only way I could tell of the emergence of several billion tons of super-hot fusion lurching into the sky above the horizon was that the gloom lessened by a factor unmeasurable on any normal scale and the GPS said "Switching To Day Mode" - somewhat smugly I thought!   I thundered across packed snow, overtaking many muffins unable to handle the shock of driving on anything other than dry concrete in bright sunshine. Behind me, a localized blizzard followed in my wake and caused much consternation amongst the aforementioned muffins!

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